Medical Malpractice

The laws around medical malpractice laws are there to protect patients who have been injured or harmed by negligence or poor care. But medical malpractice lawsuits are complicated and can be challenging and expensive to win. The attorneys at Brownfield Dufour PLLC have prior experience representing insurance companies and are now using that insight to win more medical malpractice cases for clients across Kentucky and Indiana.

Representing Clients in Medical Malpractice Cases in Kentucky and Indiana

For several years, our attorneys have represented hospitals, physicians, and medical insurance companies. The Brownfield Dufour PLLC team now use this invaluable experience to help patients and their families successfully make claims and maximize their recovery against hospitals, physicians, and insurance companies. Because Brownfield Dufour PLLC uses a focused approach to handling medical negligence cases, each client gets personalized and prompt attention to his or her case.

Brownfield Dufour PLLC will investigate and pursue claims for personal injuries and wrongful death resulting from:

Wrongful Death
Childbirth Injuries
Medicine Errors
Surgical Errors
Brain Injuries
Nursing Errors
Misdiagnosis/Failure to Diagnose
Injuries from Falls

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